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Game Day Bingo Cards

Game Day Bingo Cards

February 06, 2024

Do you have a friend, partner, kid, etc., that is obsessed with sports? We do and we thought some of our clients, friends, and family could relate!

The other day in the office, Robert mentioned he had recently seen a funny video of a lady watching her boyfriend watch a football game on TV. For a bit of comic relief, she made a bingo card out of his crazy and predictable reactions. One-by-one, she checked them off as he reacted to events in the game. Her prize---fun times, personal satisfaction of knowing her boyfriend so well, bragging rights, and a few laughs. It went viral. We thought we would re-create this for our own crazy sports fans (Robert’s son loves the Raiders. Boo! 😊). Of course, we had to share with our AWP Family.

Enjoy these free bingo cards to make Super Bowl LVIII a bit livelier and more fun-loving! GO COMMANDERS!


Full Set (2 DIY Cards, 3 Pre-filled Cards)

Fun tip: You can laminate the sheets and reuse them over and over if you'd like.

Have Fun!