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Our Services 

Authentic Wealth Partners is a full-service, boutique financial consulting company that offers extensive products and services, robust research tools and personalized guidance. We custom fit each plan to the unique circumstances and goals of our clients.

Most come to us with a few core questions: Will I have enough money to retire? What’s the best way to manage the assets that I have? Am I making the best choices with my resources? Big decisions that relate to mortgages, college expenses, retirement accounts or short-term investments can affect the course of your life and the lives of your family for generations. Rest assured, we have the education, the experience and the expertise to help you find solutions. We take each client through a detailed and comprehensive process, The Blueprint Formula, to navigate the complexity of pursuing financial freedom. We leverage the right tools to help your assets work for you. That means we create strategies that seek to help minimize taxes while integrating investments that reflect appropriate risk levels, and we implement estate planning techniques and insurance recommendations that can benefit you over the course of your lifetime.

We know that these decisions matter. We are dedicated to empowering people and ultimately bringing confidence.

7 Foundational Pillars to a Personalized Financial Blueprint

  1. Personal Financial Planning
  • Develop financial goals
  • Create a timeline
  • Manage an emergency fund
  • Cash management
  • Understand target rate of return
  • Mortgage finance and refinance consulting
  • Discuss leasing an automobile versus buying
  • College saving and investing
  • Transition counseling: death, divorce, career change, pregnancy, adoption
  1. Risk Management
  • Understand risk tolerance and communicate risks
  • Understand insurance—what type and how much (including life, long-term care, and disability)
  1. Taxation
  • Help decide which investments to own in non-retirement accounts
  • Seek to reduce taxable income
  • Understand the taxes incurred when investments are bought and sold
  • Explore what changes might improve tax scenarios
  • Tailor tax strategies with CPA or accountant
  1. Retirement Planning
  • Create a plan for retirement
  • Identify how much to save
  • Provide access to many types of retirement accounts (IRA, Roth, 401(k), etc.)
  • Business succession planning
  • Post-retirement income strategies
  • Social Security and Medicare guidance
  1. Investments
  • Use data to analyze existing investments and make recommendations about what to do going forward
  • Determine asset mix
  • Portfolio design and construction
  • Strategic rebalancing
  • Bond ladders
  1. Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Beneficiary evaluations
  • Review wills and trusts
  • Coordinate with estate attorney
  • Special needs considerations
  • NextGen education and counseling
  1. Communication & Coaching
  • A minimum of two meetings per year—one in-person, one virtual
  • Ongoing consultation throughout the year via email, phone, or VTC
  • Sounding board for life and money matters

Fee Schedule

We value transparency in everything that we do. For that reason, we are upfront on all costs and fees associated with working together. Our scope of engagement includes the 7 Foundational Pillars and The Blueprint Formula. The following fee schedule is based on total household assets under management.

Less than $1,000,000

1.00% annually, charged quarterly

$1,000,001 - $2,500,000

0.80% annually, charged quarterly

$2,500,001 - $4,000,000

0.60% annually, charged quarterly

Greater than $4,000,000

0.50% annually, charged quarterly

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (703) 218-3945